Photoshop selection tools

Photo Credit: hummingcrow Flickr via Compfight cc

Selection tools let you select part of an image so you can work with just that part of the image. There are lots selection tools in Photoshop ranging from very basic to very advanced, we will look at a few tools that will allow you to select most of the things you need.

1. Marquee and lasso tools

There are 4 marquee tools: rectangular, elliptical, single row, and single column. The Marquee tool is easy and quick to use but it is limited in what it can do.The lasso tools are similar to the marquee tools but they let you draw your own shapes.

2. Magic wand tool

The magic wand tool is more advanced than the marquee and lasso tools and works really well when trying to select parts of an image that are similar in color and tone.

3. Quick selection tool

The quick selection tool is the most powerful one  but it is also the hardest one to use. When used correctly the quick selection tool allows you to select pretty much anything you want from your images.


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