Unit 3: Video Production

Statement of Inquiry: Video can be used to communicate messages and to express yourself in a personal and artistic way.
Key Concept: Communication
Related Concept: Collaboration
Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression

Inquiry Questions
Factual: What are the different types of shots used in video production?
Conceptual: How can video be used to communicate?
Debatable: If you follow all the rules of video production will you create a good movie?

By David Fine – This image is from the FEMA Photo Library., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10729006

Getting ready

Before you start working on your summative assessment for this unit you have to learn some basics about video production. There are detailed instructions on Google Classroom and you will work with a partner to complete all of the formative work. The schedule below is a suggested timeline, the sections in red are actual deadlines.

  • Lesson 1: Pre-assessment, make a movie!
  • Lesson 2: Scenes, shots, types of shots
  • Lesson 3: Camera movements, basic editing, music for movies
  • Lesson 4: Film and edit a movie about a space on campus
  • Lesson 4: Watch movies + feedback, continuity rules
  • Lesson 5: Film and edit movie
  • Lesson 6: Watch movies + feedback, story arc
  • Lesson 7: Analyze a short movie

Summative task: Create a short silent movie that can be shown at a high school assembly.